What KiND of team is right for you?

The TeamGKA Program is based on 5 Pillars:
  • Providing opportunity for all those desiring the chance to participate in competitive gymnastics.
  • Providing the training, support and encouragement each athlete needs to reach their individual goals.
  • Creating a safe environment where our athletes together grow, connect, find support and enjoyment as part of a united team.
  • Training smart and with balance so our athletes are able to fully enjoy all aspects of their lives in and out of the gym.
  • Respect the vision each athlete and family have for their personal competitive gymnastics experience.

Our program consists of 3 groups: Explorers Pre-Team, Developmental Program Team and Xcel Team. These groups differ in skill level, commitment and competitive opportunities and are based on the USA Gymnastics Developmental and Xcel Programs.

Explorers Program

Explorers is a Pre-Team program that introduces and prepares young athletes for eventual participation in competitive gymnastics. Gymnasts invited to join Explorers have a clear excitement for the sport and demonstrate good foundational skills including strength, flexibility and learning behaviors. Athletes are separated into groups by skill level and will have opportunities to experience competitions in a fun, positive environment. Training is focused on preparing participants to join our USA Gymnastics Developmental Or Xcel Competitive Programs in the future.

Developmental Program

Our Developmental Program (DP) includes the USA Gymnastics Levels 3 - 10. Gymnasts in this program will have reached a minimum of their 6th birthday in addition to having all requisite skills, strength, flexibility and maturity needed to find success as a competitive athlete and teammate. Training and number of competitions vary by level.

Xcel Program

Our Xcel program is divided into the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels as defined by USA Gymnastics. Gymnasts in these groups will have all requisite skills, strength, flexibility and maturity needed to find success at their assigned level. While equal attention is given to skill development and individual and team successes, the pace is slower and participation less costly as Xcel trains fewer hours and attends fewer competitions. This trade off allows athletes to balance participation in competitive gymnastics with the flexibility to to pursue interests outside of the gym.
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